Creating for the web should be accessible to everyone.

The ability to expand the web with new ideas in the hands of everyone, as writing did, benefits us all. Code and frameworks have taken us farther then we’d ever dreamed—let's broaden their reach.

With everything we’ve learned about design, collaboration, and building products that push us past our status quo, it's time we apply it to a canvas for the web that we can all use.

We’re envisioning a visual platform that doesn’t just make creating beautiful, powerful apps and experiences possible, but makes it faster, easier, and more approachable than what got us here.

The world’s most advanced visual web creation system—
accessible to anyone. Creating for the web, accessible to everyone.

We’re building towards that future, and we call it Shiso.

Interested? Email me.

See you soon. 👽

Founder, Shiso